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8.13.15: Workout of the Day

This was all my post-work work-out (no pre-work work-out). Within the past few weeks, I’ve started running to the gym, doing about 15 minutes of light weightlifting (all on machines, easy on the belly), and running home from the gym. It typically gives me at least 2 miles of running, and I can get a … Continue reading

8.12.15: Workout of the Day

Run: 1.6 miles Yup, that’s it. That’s all I did yesterday – partly because that’s all I had time for, and partly because that’s all I had to do. After work, the hubby and I had a day care visit (which we found the day care we want!), with about an hour and a half … Continue reading

Workout of the Day: Monday 3/16

Sunday night always rolls around and I have the best intention of getting up early and to the pool. Then what happens is that we binge watch on our new Netflix DVD (we are on Homeland right now) and then it’s midnight. There’s no way at that point that I’m getting up to go to … Continue reading

Workout of the Day – Thursday 2/19/15

Strength Training – 30 minutes 3 sets of:1. Lateral Pulldown (machine) – 15 reps, 15 pounds 2. Chest Press (machine) – 15 reps, 15 pounds 3. Back Fly (machine) – 10 reps, 10 pounds 4. Leg Press (machine) – 20 reps, 25 pounds Swimming – 1800 yards Warm-up: 250 continuous swim Main set: 2 x … Continue reading

8.31.14 So life happened

Apparently it has been almost three months since the last time I posted. But the reality is this morning is really the first time I’ve had some real down time where I’ve wanted to commit to posting.  All my other down time I’ve kept for myself, savoring the quiet and the freedom that a few … Continue reading

6.2.14 Workout of the Day

Morning: 3,200 yard swim Afternoon: nothing planned – dinner get together with friends! Warm-Up 400 yard swim 200 yard pull 200 yard kick Set 1 10 x 50 free on :45 (odds swim, evens pull) Set 2 5 x 100 free swim on 1:30 Set 3 4 x 150 free swim on 2:15 Set 4 … Continue reading