Posted in March 2014

3.31.14…and I’m back!

Last week was ridiculous – training five days in a row, sick for four days in a row – sick enough to miss work on Thursday! It started out as a head cold, and just never got better – achiness, fever, but never got to a full-blown flu. We still looked at houses on Wednesday … Continue reading

3.23.14 Workout of the Day

This upcoming week is a long one at work – trainings all five days of the work week. I won’t be able to get to the pool in the mornings, so I’m planning on running and lifting after work. No real plan, except trying to get to the gym every day after work. Since I … Continue reading

3.18.14 Workout of the Day

Morning swim, followed by a lift! I did end up doing the workout that I posted a pic of this morning – a total of 1,950 yards. I used my fancy-dancy heart monitor watch (without the heart monitor, obviously) and kept track at the pace I was doing my 300 yards at. This workout came … Continue reading

3.18.14 Morning

My 5:00 am routine. I haven’t decided if I’ll actually do the workout I just wrote down. I’m not the biggest fan of Speedo Pace Club but they have workouts at the distance I want. Which is good because the only thing I can make up off the top of my head is a broken … Continue reading

3.16.14 Indoor Triathlon!

Dylan and I did our indoor triathlon today. For both of us, it was our first time doing an indoor triathlon – it was Dylan’s first EVER, and my third triathlon that I’ve done. The YWCA of Minneapolis hosted the event, and provided three different lengths: Mini-Sprint: 400-yard swim/8-mile bike/1-mile run Sprint: 500-yard swim/10-mile bike/2-mile … Continue reading