8.12.15: Workout of the Day

Run: 1.6 miles

Yup, that’s it. That’s all I did yesterday – partly because that’s all I had time for, and partly because that’s all I had to do. After work, the hubby and I had a day care visit (which we found the day care we want!), with about an hour and a half in between that and going to a friend’s house for a barbecue. So I really only had time for a short run.

BUT, as I said, it was also because it’s all I had to do! A few months back, I had read an article about running streaks, and thought that it would be something fun to do. Essentially, you have to run a minimum of a mile every day, and you officially have a “streak” once you’ve done it for a year. You can check out more at the United States Running Streak Association website. Once you’ve hit the year mark, you register your streak as an active streak, and retire your streak once you break it.

Considering my pregnant state, I know in reality I can’t officially start a streak, since I’ll have to break any streak once I give birth (or once I’m not allowed to run anymore). So now is currently just working on getting in the habit of having a streak, and keeping myself running until I absolutely can’t. I’ve also convinced my little sister to start a streak, so it’s something her and I can work on together.

But no worries – still working on my swimming goal, too 🙂


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