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2014 Race Calendar

While not set in stone, this is what I’m shooting for this year. Having this written down will put me more into a “training” mindset and less of an “exercise because I have to” mindset! Other thing I’ve learned: I need to get a new bike, ASAP! DONE: 1/19/14 Sunday: UM Icebreaker Swim Meet 1/26/14 … Continue reading

Weekly Update: 1/12/14 – 1/18/14

Total yards swam for this week: 10,430 yards. Odd numbers happen when you swim in a meter pool. Oh well! I’ve mentioned a couple times on my blog that I struggle with Friday morning Masters practices; I’m not a big fan of how the practices are structured. It’s nothing against the coach, but I enjoy … Continue reading

1.17.14 Workout of the Day

Friday morning, Dylan and I skipped a morning workout for an afternoon workout. I haven’t been a huge fan of Friday morning Masters workouts when I’ve been going and haven’t decided if I’ll keep going or not. I could go to a different pill and swim my own workout on Fridays but we all know … Continue reading

1.16.14 Workout of the Day

One of the things I had told myself is that I would work on my non free strokes when I wasn’t swimming Masters practices. Even though we do non free during practice, I’ll usually avoid it during “choice” sets just so I can keep up with my lane. Plus, in most cases, the non free … Continue reading

1.15.14 Workout of the Day

Masters workout from this morning. Missed a little bit of warm up but still hit 2750. Warm up: 100 swim 300 (repeat: 50 free, 25 non free) 300 (repeat: 25 free, 50 non free) Main set: 4 x 200 free with floating 50 sprint on 2:55 1: 50 sprint, 150 moderate 2: 50 moderate, 50 … Continue reading

1.11.14 Snowshoeing

I’m supposed to be getting ready to go snowshoeing but my motivation has deteriorated. All my good plans are fouled by a ten pound ball of fur.

1.9.14 Daily Swim Workout

Skipped swimming yesterday – whoops! When I woke up, my shoulder was still giving me trouble, so I dipped out to let it “rest” before I went climbing after work. Planned on another “long” swim, using a workout from Kiefer (click here to link to it!). I was going to get in the pool by … Continue reading