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4.8.14 Workout of the Day

Morning workout: NONE! Evening workout: 4-mile run around Lake Calhoun I’ve only slept through my alarm a handful of days my entire life, and today was one of those days. I woke up at 6:00 – and decided to not even bother. By the time I would have gotten to the gym, I would have … Continue reading

4.2.13: Workout of the Day

Yesterday, I was going to go to the gym in the morning and swim a mile and do a quick lift before work. Today, I planned to do Masters in the morning and run in the afternoon after work. Yesterday, I skipped the gym to spend an extra hour in bed, snuggling with Dylan. We … Continue reading

12.5.13: Thursday, and I failed.

Another week of trainings at work and early mornings,  I had told myself I would make sure I would get to the gym every night afterwards. Monday,  I went out and had dinner and drinks with the group. #fail. Tuesday,  I came home and watched TV. Tuesday was a long day. I ate leftovers and … Continue reading

Typical workday

Here’s what a typical work day is like for me. 5:00am. Begin hitting snooze. 5:14am. Finally get out of bed, eat breakfast. 5:35am. Realize I’ve spent too much time on Facebook and am now running late. 5:45am. Run out the door for the gym. 6:00am. Jump in the pool. No… slide slowly in the pool … Continue reading

Tuesday: Quick Post

No swimming for me today or tomorrow because of work. As a training coordinator/event planner (I don’t even know what to call myself) I need to be at my events bright and early for setup and prep. So today I got to the office around 7, stayed until 6, and will be getting up nice … Continue reading

Tuesday 5.14.13

Started the day with a 14.5 mile bike ride outside. My road bike is old and heavy, but sturdy as a beast. It’s the worst to train with. I want a new bike so badly, and the thought of charging my card for a new bike is super appealing. However, I’m so close to paying … Continue reading

Triathlons and Races

Last night, I went over to the boyfriend’s house to play card games with his roommate. I ended up staying way later than I had originally planned, and slept in and skipped master’s practice. I still went in and swam this morning, but didn’t hop in until 8:00…which meant I didn’t start working until 10. … Continue reading