8.13.15: Workout of the Day

This was all my post-work work-out (no pre-work work-out). Within the past few weeks, I’ve started running to the gym, doing about 15 minutes of light weightlifting (all on machines, easy on the belly), and running home from the gym. It typically gives me at least 2 miles of running, and I can get a couple of days of weightlifting in a week. Again, it’s all about consistency, and continuing to do what I was doing prior to the pregnancy, so that I can pick up where I left off post-pregnancy.

Run #1 (house to the gym): 1.0 miles


  • Lateral pulldown (machine) x 3
  • Rear delt (machine) x 3
  • Tricep pushdown (machine) x 3
  • Bicep curls (free weights) x2

Run #2 (gym to the house): .96 miles

For the purposes of my current “streak” I’m counting this as Streaking (Day 2).


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