Week 4, 2016

Well here we are, entering Week 4 of 2016 and Week 4 of mom life. Baby girl has been an awesome baby and has made being a mom and this first month super easy. We feel so blessed in how we lucked out with her.


Her easy attitude has made it easy for me to start some light lifting at home. Pre-baby, I used Pinterest to pin a ton of weightlifting exercises, and had planned to put together some routines that I could do post-baby. Well I never got around to putting anything together, so around Week 2, I started putting together two workouts to start with. It took a lot longer than I figured it would – between feedings, household chores, naps and baby snuggles 😉 and trying to do it on my phone it took me a few weeks to actually finish them! I used Google Keep on my phone to create these workouts so I can access them wherever.

Below are the two workouts I’ve started with, that I’m alternating. Each week I’m changing a few things up – like number of reps or weight (I only have the two hand weights right now) but these are “hard” enough but easy enough for me to do at home.

Just a side note:
** = two stars at the beginning mean I’ve already modified, so I know where else I can modify in the coming weeks

* = one star at the end means I have a picture of the exercise saved on my phone in case I space on what it is!




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