Posted in November 2013

11.30.13 Post Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I went for my first run out on the snow. I am up visiting my parents, so it was out on the back country roads I grew up on. I love them and miss them every time I have to run or bike in Minneapolis. So basically everyday I miss this. … Continue reading

11.27.13 Wednesday morning

5:30am. Apartment temperature: probably around 90 degrees Temperature outside: around 15 degrees. I wish my long johns weren’t in the wash. But then again if I were wearing them I’d be sweating trying to get ready. #firstworldproblems. Seriously.

11.21.13: So happy tomorrow is Friday

Another day of missing a morning workout, another long day at work, and another day of almost losing ambition to work out. I finally did make it to the gym tonight (I skipped Tuesday and Wednesday) but could barely find the motivation to do a real workout. I swam – 1500 yards – and then … Continue reading

11/19/13: It’s only Tuesday

One of the constants in life, which ironically is not constant, is that plans change. And without a doubt it is frustrating when it happens. But the fact that plans change in a meaningful and connected way restores my faith in a God who has bigger plans for me.   On Sunday, I planned on … Continue reading