Posted in October 2013

Typical workday

Here’s what a typical work day is like for me. 5:00am. Begin hitting snooze. 5:14am. Finally get out of bed, eat breakfast. 5:35am. Realize I’ve spent too much time on Facebook and am now running late. 5:45am. Run out the door for the gym. 6:00am. Jump in the pool. No… slide slowly in the pool … Continue reading

Sunday 10.20.13

Dylan and I spent the weekend up at the cabin. We initially wanted to go up to Madeline Island to visit their fall festival, bike around the island, and play with my fancy camera I have but don’t know how to use. When we found out the weather was predicting snow, we changed biking to … Continue reading

Wednesday 10.16.13

Making lunch the night before: super helpful for getting out the door for morning workout. Leaving said lunch out all night: not super helpful in keeping cold stuff cold. What was I thinking??

Wednesday 10.9.13 Morning Post

Penny and I are both working from home today. She is busy guarding the house: And I am getting ready to dig in to employee training processes: I know my second screen is blue. I’m to lazy to go buy a new cord. Even though I could have chosen to sleep in because I was … Continue reading

Monthly Update: September 2013

Being that it is the beginning of October, it’s time for my monthly update. Successes: Getting back in the pool on the “off” days – so Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. It’s nice getting in the pool on a daily basis and being able to do more stroke work and pulling. I enjoy swimming with the Masters … Continue reading