Workout of the Day – Thursday 3/19/15

Swim – 2,350 yards (workout from: Masters Swim Workouts by Sara, June 25 – Workout B)
450 swim (100 swim, 50 kick, repeat)
200 pull
100 kick

Main Set
1×300 on 5:45, build to fast
50 kick kick w/ :30 rest

3×200 pull on 3:30, build to fast
50 recovery kick w/ :30 rest

3×100 swim on 1:45, build to fast
original set: 4×100, followed by 50 recovery kick

4×50 pull on :45, build to fast
original set: 6×100, followed by 50 recovery kick

Cool Down
200 swim (100 kick, 100 swim)
original cool down: 300 (50 non-free, 100 free)

Total Time: 49:17


I posted what was my “original set,” because my workout got cut short for a couple of reasons.

1. I got started late – I sat on the side of the pool longer than I normally do, trying to motivate myself. And I need to be out by 6:30 so I can get home, walk the dogs, eat breakfast, make lunch, and get myself to work by 9.

2. The YMCA has started a new class for individuals who want to do triathlons this summer, so until April 12, there is a triathlon training class from 6:30-7:10. I got moved in the middle of my set of 100s, so I cut that short, did a shorter set of 50s (so I was getting a piece of the whole workout in) and wrapped up shortly after 6:30.

Now – time to get ready for work! Running club later tonight, so assuming I make it tonight, today will be a double workout day!


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