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6.5.14 Workouts, Beer, and Oreos

I kick off this post as I pursue my evening ritual: dessert. Tonight: birthday cake flavored Oreos. Life is too short to not enjoy something sweet every now and then. Life is already hard enough without denying oneself something small. Today’s WORKOUTS (plural, finally – a two-a-day!): Morning: 1,300 yard swim Evening: 4.0 mile run … Continue reading

4.8.14 Workout of the Day

Morning workout: NONE! Evening workout: 4-mile run around Lake Calhoun I’ve only slept through my alarm a handful of days my entire life, and today was one of those days. I woke up at 6:00 – and decided to not even bother. By the time I would have gotten to the gym, I would have … Continue reading

12.5.13: Thursday, and I failed.

Another week of trainings at work and early mornings,  I had told myself I would make sure I would get to the gym every night afterwards. Monday,  I went out and had dinner and drinks with the group. #fail. Tuesday,  I came home and watched TV. Tuesday was a long day. I ate leftovers and … Continue reading

Sunday 8.11.13 – Update

The boy and I are in La Crosse, WI this weekend for my best friends wedding. I’ve written before about how I struggle to squeeze in workouts on the weekends and weddings are no exception. Especially when you are part of the bridal party. People go out the night before, the day of requires an … Continue reading


Well, when I woke up this morning, I hadn’t envisioned actually posting again until next week sometime. I woke up, and still felt pretty awful – a headache that I think was bordering on becoming a migraine. Considering I’ve never had a migraine, I can’t be sure, but that level of pain wasn’t normal. After … Continue reading