Posted in February 2014

2.28.14 WOD – Swimming

Woke up and swam this morning, separate from Master’s swimming. Went to the downtown location to swim in the meter pool – same thing I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. I was definitely sore this morning from yesterday’s lift, but I was still able to get through most of my swim workout. I … Continue reading

2.27.14 Today and Yesterday’s WOD

Yesterday – Wednesday (2/26/14) I had an alarm mishap. I set it. Don’t get me wrong. I definitely turned it on. I didn’t change it. So it was set for 6:00am, not 5:00am. Which makes me think – when did I wake up at 6am recently? We’ve been using Dylan’s alarm for so long I … Continue reading

2.25.14 Workout of the Day (WOD)

Used this morning to do a run through of the indoor triathlon distances Dylan and I are going to do in a month or so (once we sign up) and to do a quick lift circuit (since it’s been awhile). The indoor triathlon has three distances, and Dylan and I are going to do the … Continue reading

2.19.14 Workout of the Day

Again – one day late – but here’s yesterday’s workout! Masters swim workout in the morning, work during the day, over to a friend’s house in the evening. No two-a-day for this Wednesday – opted out of working out to enjoy dinner, venting, and wedding planning with a friend. No workout on Tuesday – Dylan … Continue reading

2.17.14 Workout of the Day

Monday’s workout: morning swim at Masters! No two-a-day on Monday; after work, Dylan and I joined some friends for Part II of a pizza challenge – visiting various pizza joints across the city to decide which place has the best pizza. The place we visited last night – Pizzeria Lola – has a photo booth, … Continue reading

2.13.14 Workout of the Day

Slept in this morning, and met Dylan at the gym after work. Today was a bike day, and I followed it up with lifting. 30 minutes = 8.7 mile bike Lift: 3 sets each of the following.Set 1. Bicep Curls (10-12) Tricep Press (10-12) Lateral Raises (6-8) Set 2. Bench Press (10-12) Cable Lateral Pull … Continue reading