Posted in May 2013

Tuesday 5.14.13

Started the day with a 14.5 mile bike ride outside. My road bike is old and heavy, but sturdy as a beast. It’s the worst to train with. I want a new bike so badly, and the thought of charging my card for a new bike is super appealing. However, I’m so close to paying … Continue reading

What I use for planning my swim workouts.

I use Kiefer swim workouts online, white 3×5 notecards, and a snack size plastic bag. Very high tech. There are plenty of good websites to pull workouts from: Kiefer and Speedo Pace Club are my two favorites. Speedo has workouts at varying levels of skill (including beginners!), while Kiefer tends to be for those more … Continue reading

Weekend workouts suck. Always.

Warning: I wrote this on my phone. Forgive any grammatical errors; I’m trying this out. It’s 8:30 in the morning on. Saturday. I didn’t swim yesterday, so I am going to go in and swim today. I really don’t want to; I’ve been having problems breathing when I swim. The doctors think its exercise induced … Continue reading