Workout Plan for the Week! 8/17 – 8/23

Without going in to too much detail, here’s my plan for the week. Once I usually jot this down (and this is literally the extent of it), I make sure to put it in to my calendar so I can readjust based on other appointments I might have on there. I also like to leave it open ended since I’m not training for a race and just focusing on overall health and fitness, and I like to wing it a little in the morning with my swim workouts. Clearly I’ve mapped out my runs and weights a little more, but swimming is a little more “how do I feel today” – and I think that’s in part because it’s my strongest sport so I feel more comfortable just doing what feels best for me. Plus, I usually have 4-5 swim workouts already written out that I keep in my swim bag, so that I can pick one and throw it in a little plastic baggy to keep poolside. 4×6 notecards and sandwich baggies are my friend by the pool! These workouts have a bunch of different variety (sprint, endurance, triathlon training) so that I can still pick a focus, but I can mix it up every morning.

Swim: between 2100-2300 yards
Run: 1 mile

Swim: 1200 yards
Run: 2 miles (to/from the gym)
Weights: machines again (pec fly, shoulder press, seated row); possibly bicep curls

Swim: between 2100-2300 yards
Run: 1 mile

Weights: machines
Run: 3.1 miles (WeRun MPLS running club – because it’s a longer run, I’m skipping the swim)

Swim: between 2100-2300 yards
Run: 1 mile

Run: 2 miles

Swim: shooting for 2700 yards


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