Posted in August 2015

8/19/15: Workout of the Day

Total Swim: 2,150 yards Warm-up: 100 each (swim, kick, swim, pull, swim) Main Set: 300 swim 300 kick/pull (150/150) 200 swim 200 kick/pull (100/100) 150 swim 150 kick/pull (50/100) 100 swim 100 kick pull (50/50) 50 swim 50 kick 50 pull Today’s morning swim felt really good – today was the first day I felt … Continue reading

8.15.15: Workout of the Day

Swimming – Total Distance: 1950 yards It’s been awhile since I swam. I’ve said that a few times now, in a couple of blog posts. So on Friday (obviously this post is a few days old), I finally made it to over 1 mile of swimming. My goal is to slowly work back up to … Continue reading

8.14.15: Workout of the Day

Running streak, Day 3 – 1.5 miles. Waited until after 8 so that it had “cooled down a little ” outside – so a cool 83°. Oh well. Short run today so I can get a swim in tomorrow morning! Currently at 18 weeks and feeling awesome. I really can’t complain. A little bit of … Continue reading

8.13.15: Workout of the Day

This was all my post-work work-out (no pre-work work-out). Within the past few weeks, I’ve started running to the gym, doing about 15 minutes of light weightlifting (all on machines, easy on the belly), and running home from the gym. It typically gives me at least 2 miles of running, and I can get a … Continue reading

8.12.15: Workout of the Day

Run: 1.6 miles Yup, that’s it. That’s all I did yesterday – partly because that’s all I had time for, and partly because that’s all I had to do. After work, the hubby and I had a day care visit (which we found the day care we want!), with about an hour and a half … Continue reading

8.5.15: Workout of the Day

Back in the pool again, for the first time in….almost two months. Wow. I knew it had been awhile but seriously, that long?! Granted, there was the nausea in June, the crazy work schedule in July, in combination with the first trimester fatigue…I’ll give myself a pass. So today really was just focusing on swimming … Continue reading

8/4/15: I Gave Up

5 weeks pregnant 3/5/15: Running club…running is scary when you are pregnant and in your first trimester. Like we just found out a week ago that we were pregnant, and here I am, pounding the pavement. Even if it would be a considered a “short” run by most people standards (at least, that’s what I … Continue reading