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Working out in the morning is convenient. It means I’m done with it before I even really start my day. We just are not morning people. Never am going to get used to getting up at 5am. And jumping in to a cold pool at 6. Advertisements

Thursday 9.26.13

Now that I’m done training for a triathlon, my focus has shifted back to swimming, competing, and getting Top 10 times in some of the sprint distances, for both Minnesota Masters and national Masters (a girl can dream right?). To do that I told myself I would get in the pool on non master swim … Continue reading

Wednesday: Quick Post

Another early morning, another long day, and at the end of it all, I had about 10 minutes to decide if I was going to rush in for Master’s practice at 7:30pm or go for a run outside. I opted for the run in the warm evening, because as every Minnesotan knows… Also, because when … Continue reading

Tuesday: Quick Post

No swimming for me today or tomorrow because of work. As a training coordinator/event planner (I don’t even know what to call myself) I need to be at my events bright and early for setup and prep. So today I got to the office around 7, stayed until 6, and will be getting up nice … Continue reading

Progress on my (fictional) Lake Superior swim

I use Speedo Pace Club to track my swimming progress, and it let’s you “map” out a swimming route to track your progress. Swimming around Lake Superior is the equivalent of swimming 2,000,000 yards. So here’s how far I’ve gone to date:

Monthly Update: August 2013

I know – we’re already into September and it’s a few days late, but who cares? I finally found some time to sit down at a real computer and do this. Blogging from your phone is hard, and it’s just impossible to do these monthly updates from my phone. I mean, I have an Excel … Continue reading