Welcome to 2016

It’s been a long, long time since I posted. Like since August. That’s four months. Four months of workouts and updates I wasn’t giving. So what happened?

I kept up with my workouts until Week 38 of my pregnancy. I stopped running in mid September, around Week 25. I was getting pains in my round ligaments after about a mile and it wasn’t worth running when I knew swimming was working. So swimming we did! Picture below is my last day running.


In October, we took a two week babymoon to Europe. Lots of sight seeing meant lots of walking everyday (at least 5 miles a day!). But it also meant restarting my swimming once we got back. Picture below is 27 weeks in front of Notre Dame, in Paris.


Once I got myself back in swimming shape and endurance, I was swimming between 1-2 miles during these workouts, between 30-60 minutes in the pool. It felt so good on my body those last few weeks, taking the pressure of my joints and just letting baby and belly float while we swam laps. Picture below is 37 weeks, trying to capture our finished nursery.


At 38 weeks – December 28, the doctors found that my amniotic fluid was low, which meant taking it easy, no more workouts, and hydrating, hydrating, hydrating. If I couldn’t get my fluid up on my own we were looking at inducing. So for once, I took it easy. We were on a mandatory break from work so I was able to really just lay low and take care of myself, as antsy as it made me.

A week later, at 39 weeks, Baby C decided it was time to make it’s appearance. On Monday January 4 at 4:18am, our baby girl made her way in to our life.


Now, my life is about taking care of her, but also taking care of me. And in addition to some other resolutions for this year, my goal is to get myself back to where I was physically. Part of that plan includes some light lifting and home workouts once my body has healed more from birth.

So please stay tuned as I go through this journey! Words, encouragement, and guidance are welcome!


7 thoughts on “Welcome to 2016

  1. Congrats she is adorable !!! I had a baby 8 months ago and also got out of the army at the same time. Going from being in amazing shape to a postpartum body is so hard and stressful! What workouts and dieting are you planning for ?

    • No dietng plan – I had a pretty normal weight gain so just sticking to small meals with fruits and veggies, protein. In terms of workouts, looking at light weights at home and body weight stuff when I can, and eventually getting back in the pool, then running when it warms up (we are in Minnesota!). I did triathlons pre-pregnancy so that’s my goal is to start getting back in to those! What did you end up doing?

  2. Wow that’s great I actually used to do things like that before my son now just have not much time. I ended up doing BeachBody 21 day fix extreme I lost around 22 lbs the first round and I did a second round to completely tone back up.

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