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8/19/15: Workout of the Day

Total Swim: 2,150 yards Warm-up: 100 each (swim, kick, swim, pull, swim) Main Set: 300 swim 300 kick/pull (150/150) 200 swim 200 kick/pull (100/100) 150 swim 150 kick/pull (50/100) 100 swim 100 kick pull (50/50) 50 swim 50 kick 50 pull Today’s morning swim felt really good – today was the first day I felt … Continue reading

Thursday 9.26.13

Now that I’m done training for a triathlon, my focus has shifted back to swimming, competing, and getting Top 10 times in some of the sprint distances, for both Minnesota Masters and national Masters (a girl can dream right?). To do that I told myself I would get in the pool on non master swim … Continue reading

Sunday February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday. Today, D and I will be watching the Super Bowl with some friends of ours, enjoying the gluttony that is a Super Bowl party. No shame. This week, I’ve been in the process of getting sick – working my way towards a head cold, which culminated today. While my body feels better … Continue reading