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6.1.14… “I’m training”

Training, for what, exactly? I talk a lot in my blog posts about training – training for upcoming races, developing training plans, throwing training plans out the window…but I don’t feel disciplined about it at all.The reality is, I have a lot of races that I want to do, that are all very different, and … Continue reading

12.24.13: Wrapping up 2013

The past few months, I have been pretty sporadic in my blogging, for a number of reasons, but I haven’t been sporadic in my swimming. While I may not have been writing, I’ve been in the pool, trying to keep my yardage up and working towards that final 2MIL. So the five people who maybe … Continue reading

Progress on my (fictional) Lake Superior swim

I use Speedo Pace Club to track my swimming progress, and it let’s you “map” out a swimming route to track your progress. Swimming around Lake Superior is the equivalent of swimming 2,000,000 yards. So here’s how far I’ve gone to date:

Monthly Update: August 2013

I know – we’re already into September and it’s a few days late, but who cares? I finally found some time to sit down at a real computer and do this. Blogging from your phone is hard, and it’s just impossible to do these monthly updates from my phone. I mean, I have an Excel … Continue reading