8.15.15: Workout of the Day

Swimming – Total Distance: 1950 yards

It’s been awhile since I swam. I’ve said that a few times now, in a couple of blog posts. So on Friday (obviously this post is a few days old), I finally made it to over 1 mile of swimming. My goal is to slowly work back up to a distance that I was at before – the distance I was swimming when I was swimming masters (2800-3200 yards). I swim much slower now – in part because it’s been awhile, but also because of the pregnancy. I need to keep my heart rate down (below 140), so I usually track it around 120 bpm. I figure that gives me a little leeway in case I do start picking up the pace during some of my sets. Also, it feels really weird to swim right now. My back floats a lot more and it’s hard to describe the sensation of swimming on my belly. “Weird” is honestly the best way to describe it.

So my swim workout this week:

200 swim
150 pull
150 kick

Main Set (all freestyle):
6×25 swim
5×50 swim
4×75 swim
3×100 swim
2×150 swim
1×200 swim

Cool down:
100 easy kick

That main set is actually really nice because for someone building back up to a longer set, it’s easily attainable. I built up my rest intervals as the distance got further (for example, :10 of rest with the 25’s and 50’s, :30 rest on the 100’s) and just monitored my time on each set, to see where I was at. The longer rest interval on the longer distances also allowed me to monitor my heart rate (which is really a best guess as it was the finger to my throat and counting for :15). But it also allowed me to maintain a steady pace throughout the whole set, and not worrying about dying down at the end.

I will probably be repeating this in the next week! This was part of a longer workout, and I’m hoping to start add the other pieces of that workout in to my swims as I start to re-build my endurance.


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