8/19/15: Workout of the Day

Total Swim: 2,150 yards
100 each (swim, kick, swim, pull, swim)

Main Set:
300 swim
300 kick/pull (150/150)
200 swim
200 kick/pull (100/100)
150 swim
150 kick/pull (50/100)
100 swim
100 kick pull (50/50)
50 swim
50 kick
50 pull

Today’s morning swim felt really good – today was the first day I felt like I was building back my endurance again. The speed wasn’t great on the swim portions, but I felt like I was at least getting that back and that to is the most important right now.

After getting back home from my swim, I decided to work from home and had a really productive day building out a registration site for a customer program in February. After I wrapped up work, I got started on one of the meals from my weekly meal plan – this jambalaya recipe from Gimme Some Oven. My plan had been to go out for a quick run while the jambalaya was simmering. However, the hubby was out in the garage working on his desk project, the weather was chilly (60-ish) and it was raining on and off, so I skipped out on my evening run to be domestic. Overall, the jambalaya turned out fine, but I would definitely make it a little different next time. Not quite sure HOW different, but I’ve added it to my Family Favorites board on Pinterest (the hubby loved it!) so that I can make it again in the future.

Tomorrow’s exercise plan – weights in the morning and run with WeRun MPLS in the evening!

Also getting ahead on the weekly meal plan for next week – will post that plan this weekend once I have that figured out!


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