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4/11/14: Workout(s) of the Day

Morning: 2,000 meter swim (2,187 yards) Afternoon: 4.3 mile run I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard this week – I didn’t post my workout yesterday, but I did a swim/lift combo in the morning yesterday, and all my workouts this week have been pretty. I would have blogged about it, but Dylan and I met … Continue reading

4.2.13: Workout of the Day

Yesterday, I was going to go to the gym in the morning and swim a mile and do a quick lift before work. Today, I planned to do Masters in the morning and run in the afternoon after work. Yesterday, I skipped the gym to spend an extra hour in bed, snuggling with Dylan. We … Continue reading

3.23.14 Workout of the Day

This upcoming week is a long one at work – trainings all five days of the work week. I won’t be able to get to the pool in the mornings, so I’m planning on running and lifting after work. No real plan, except trying to get to the gym every day after work. Since I … Continue reading

2.3.14 Monday Morning

Note to self: bring an extra pair of gym clothes. You never know when the pool is going to be closed on a day you can’t workout after work. Then you get stuck going back home, to get ready, to get into work early, to lose a workout day, because you thought it would be … Continue reading

12.5.13: Thursday, and I failed.

Another week of trainings at work and early mornings,  I had told myself I would make sure I would get to the gym every night afterwards. Monday,  I went out and had dinner and drinks with the group. #fail. Tuesday,  I came home and watched TV. Tuesday was a long day. I ate leftovers and … Continue reading

Typical workday

Here’s what a typical work day is like for me. 5:00am. Begin hitting snooze. 5:14am. Finally get out of bed, eat breakfast. 5:35am. Realize I’ve spent too much time on Facebook and am now running late. 5:45am. Run out the door for the gym. 6:00am. Jump in the pool. No… slide slowly in the pool … Continue reading

Tuesday: Quick Post

No swimming for me today or tomorrow because of work. As a training coordinator/event planner (I don’t even know what to call myself) I need to be at my events bright and early for setup and prep. So today I got to the office around 7, stayed until 6, and will be getting up nice … Continue reading

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins – revamped

A few years ago, a friend of mine made me pumpkin chocolate chip muffins – the ingredients were literally pumpkin puree, cake mix, and mini chocolate chips. They were dense and delicious – but I forgot about the recipe until about a year ago, when I found the recipe popping up on Pinterest. I made … Continue reading

Tuesday 5.14.13

Started the day with a 14.5 mile bike ride outside. My road bike is old and heavy, but sturdy as a beast. It’s the worst to train with. I want a new bike so badly, and the thought of charging my card for a new bike is super appealing. However, I’m so close to paying … Continue reading