8.5.15: Workout of the Day

Back in the pool again, for the first time in….almost two months. Wow. I knew it had been awhile but seriously, that long?! Granted, there was the nausea in June, the crazy work schedule in July, in combination with the first trimester fatigue…I’ll give myself a pass.

So today really was just focusing on swimming for the same amount of time I normally run – 30 minutes. It wasn’t about the distance, but about doing a different exercise (that I clearly haven’t done in awhile) for the same amount of time and exertion level.

So today’s EPIC workout: 1400 yards (total)
2 sets of (5×100 swim, 200 pull)
Each 100 on a 1:50 easy interval.
One minute between each set.

Tomorrow is a 3-mile run with my running club, so no swim for me tomorrow. I think swimming close to a mile, followed by an evening run, is definitely pushing it. I like to keep it to one “harder” workout (ex., 3-4 mile run, or mile or more swim) and one “easy” activity each day (one mile walk with the hubby, light weights on the machine, or light yoga)


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