January 1, 2015: Happy New Year to everyone but Speedo.

It has been 5 months since I last blogged. Last time I blogged, I tried to explain away my absence. It’s the same excuses as last time – life happened. But in August, life REALLY happened. Work picked up for both Dylan and I, the wedding started looming not-so-far in the distance, and our house required more work as we prepared for the winter and the cold. We had an almost month-long struggle to get our wedding invitations printed and mailed. We had bachelor/bachelorette parties and bridal showers. Two weeks before the wedding, Dylan and I both were running on 4-5 hours of sleep a night as we frantically made decorations for the receptions and shopped for bridal party gifts. After the wedding, we went on our honeymoon, where halfway through, we got food poisoning.

So instead of writing about those five months, I’ll follow up tonight with a post full of pictures that capture that absence. I’ll also follow up with a progress update because I really have been swimming, and biking, and running, and lifting, despite my lack of an online presence! I’d rather use this post to talk about what happened as I logged back in to catch up and re-start this blog, since it’s both heartbreaking and funny at the same time. Mostly heartbreaking the more I get in to this.


Even though I haven’t been blogging, I’ve kept up logging my workouts. Mostly because I always had a good intention of actually updating my blog, since I haven’t given up on hitting that 2,000,000 mark for my swimming yet, and because I have new goals for 2015. So I logged online this morning to sift back to August, tally my running and biking up, log my swimming in to Speedo Pace Club, and kick off the new year with a blog post about where I’m at, and what my goals are for 2015.

I found out this morning that Speedo Pace Club is defunct.
I can no longer access the yardage nor the map that I had created to log and track my swimming mileage.

With everything happening in the past few months, it doesn’t surprise me that I missed this happening. But as I go back and research, to see where I dropped the ball on this, I’m actually getting more irritated about this being completely gone because I don’t know that I really dropped the ball on this. A part of it was my fault, but a part of it I feel is Speedo’s fault. And I feel a little betrayed by Speedo at this point. I’m taking this whole thing very personally, and partly because I’m flabbergasted that I’ve lost everything I had been working on.

It appears the only real notifications that would have made it to me about Speedo Pace Club happened on Twitter – that’s where I’m seeing the majority of the announcement about the new Speedo Fit app. Even researching the hashtag for it – #SpeedoFit – it only shows screen shots of people who used the app, to log their workouts. Although there were announcements about the new app when it first came out, the announcements by Speedo fail to highlight the fact that the Pace Club website was going away as part of the transition to the new app.

I didn’t follow Speedo on Twitter until today, so I wouldn’t have seen any of those announcements.

I checked my email inbox – I see three emails about a new app. Although I tend to automatically archive any promotional emails in my email inbox because we were/are paying off the wedding, I typically give a cursory glance at the emails, just in case. None of these emails highlight the demise of Pace Club. Apparently, this is my own fault for glancing over emails about a new app I didn’t think I would actually need. My own fault for archiving emails that came through as a promotion.

Since I had taken a break from blogging and logging in Speedo Pace Club, I missed any and all announcements within the website to let me know about the demise of the tool I was using.

The real kicker in this? The replacement for Speedo Pace Club – Speedo Fit – is only available via a mobile app…through Apple. There’s no app for the Android system. There’s no website for users like me to log in and use the tracking tools.

I can’t access any of my information from the former Speedo Pace Club – apparently, with all the warnings given to me from Speedo (insert sarcasm here), I should have done that prior to September 30.

Really Speedo? No quick public announcement email that focuses on Speedo Pace Club going away?

I’m a little irate. All my hard work is gone, there’s nothing to allow me to go back and access that information. Thankfully, I have my own little Excel spreadsheet where I had been keeping track of everything. Thank God for double entering and thank God for Microsoft Excel.

On top of all of this, Speedo has managed to isolate probably half of the population because they have failed to provide the app that works on the Android system. So now, not only can I not access my old data, but I can’t even use the new program.

Bravo, Speedo….bravo. Whoever was leading the marketing on this app is kind of an a-hole.

So now here I sit, on my couch, feeling betrayed and a little dejected, since I can’t play along because I don’t have an Apple product that would allow me to even download the app and use the tools I had been using prior to the demise of SPC. Hopefully I haven’t missed something, though – I would feel like a real ars after posting this rant if there really is a way for me to log in to Speedo Fit and use their system. But I think I’ve done an adequate job of researching this and coming to the conclusion that I’m screwed out of this system.

I’m back to my little Excel spreadsheet. Faithful, constant, Excel.

Until my next post….



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