8.31.14 So life happened

Apparently it has been almost three months since the last time I posted. But the reality is this morning is really the first time I’ve had some real down time where I’ve wanted to commit to posting.  All my other down time I’ve kept for myself, savoring the quiet and the freedom that a few minutes of peace can bring.

On June 9th, we bought our first home.


For the next month, our free time was spent packing and cleaning the old apartment and unpacking and cleaning the new house. I wouldn’t even say we had started making the house our home during that month.

Training suffered. Severely. We had a deadline to meet and that took precedence over bike rides and runs.

On July 14th, a little over a month later, we adopted our first dog, George.


A year old, he may look like an adult but is truly a puppy at heart, complete with the destruction. One week in and ten pairs of shoes later, we finally figured a system out. We are still figuring out a schedule. The boy needs to run.

In the past month, we have finally got back to wedding planning after a very long (maybe too long) hiatus. Now it’s a race against time to get it all done in the next three (!) months. We will. I know we will. But it won’t be easy.

I never signed up for the triathlons I said I was going to which was probably a blessing in disguise. At the beginning of August, I broke down with Dylan and told him I couldn’t do it. The big one I wanted to do was less than a month away and I wasn’t near ready. On top of work, the house, the dog, and the wedding, training was adding more stress and something had to go. So it did.

Life eased up somewhat and now we are figuring out our schedule. It’s been a change for me. My mornings are now spent not at the gym, but doing the “George” circuit (a three mile route within the neighborhood) and either doing a “cross-fit” style strength training (until we get some free weights) or sprints in the soccer fields behind the house. I haven’t been swimming almost all summer, except for a handful of times. Evenings will have to be my gym time, which is hard in itself to get on board with. But we are figuring it out everyday.

Now I’m training for a trail half marathon at the end of September. It’s been fun in that George is training with me, and I think Dylan will start too. Yesterday they both joined me on my long trail run. Again… losing my gym time, my bike rides, my swims, but I have to if I want to be successful.
The sacrifices I am making – taking away from the other types of workouts I’ve come to love – has taught me that I am a triathlete at heart.

Who knows. Maybe with this half under my belt, my next big race will be a true half Ironman. Something I swore I would never ever do. But I’m also learning that I have yet to learn the limit of my body.

So here’s to my life, the one I love despite the twists and turns. I will take them all as long as I have my loves with me.





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