6.5.14 Workouts, Beer, and Oreos

I kick off this post as I pursue my evening ritual: dessert. Tonight: birthday cake flavored Oreos. Life is too short to not enjoy something sweet every now and then. Life is already hard enough without denying oneself something small.

Today’s WORKOUTS (plural, finally – a two-a-day!):

Morning: 1,300 yard swim
Evening: 4.0 mile run

On Tuesday, when I was on my bike ride, I decided to change up my summer schedule. Normally, Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays are dedicated to Masters swimming practice – those are the coaches I like, those are the practices I like – while Tuesdays and Thursdays would be devoted to biking and running But as I was biking, I was contemplating conversations I have been having Dylan – struggling to wake up in the morning, and avoiding swimming in the pool. As I mulled things over, I realized that my current schedule wasn’t helping Dylan and most importantly, wasn’t helping the two of us spend time together. So I decided to give up Masters for the summer, until we are done with our triathlons. It was kind of a tough decision to make – it means giving up my swimming mileage when I’m already (way, way) behind on my 2,000,000 goal. But Dylan and I already have such limited time together, and he really needs to be getting in the pool. And we really need to be doing our workouts together.

So today was Day 1 of our new workout schedule – swimming in the pool. It’s been 3 months for him. He got about 300 yards in – which was REALLY good, since before the March triathlon, he was averaging about 500 yards. For a non-swimmer, he has a really good stroke and has picked up lap swimming pretty quickly, and I am EXTREMELY proud of him. I should tell him more, but that’s where I fail as a fiance.

I was 1,300 yards in to my workout when he called it quits, and I have a hard time continuing to swim while he sits on the side. I know he doesn’t care, but I feel bad. So I stopped and talking to him for awhile, while he sat on the side and I stood in the water. After about five minutes, I jumped on the wall, and we spent the next 20 minutes, quietly enjoying some down time together, talking and joking. We were one of the only people in the pool, and those 20 minutes may have been the best 20 minutes of my day. Sometimes, it’s worth it to cut a workout short or just skip it all together.

Later tonight, I met up with some friends – who are ridiculously fast runners (think, professional runner) – and we ran to meet a new running group in Minneapolis called We Run MPLS. The two women who run the group have been doing an awesome job of managing this running group – bring people together to run a 3-mile route, and then check out new places in the city for a drink and food. Tonight’s route can be found here on their blog – where they post their routes and restaurant each week.  I figured once we met up with the group, I’d join the slower group and my two fast friends would go their separate ways – but they pulled me away. Luckily, they ran at a pace that was a challenge for me, and was glad for it. Asthma or no, I pushed through the pain and am so thankful I have awesome friends who stuck with me. We followed up the run with beer and tacos, and honestly…that beer tasted delicious. My newest obsession is with Fulton Brewery – either their Lonely Blonde or Sweet Child of Vine. We better not ever move from Minneapolis because I have not found any other beer I have enjoyed as much as those two brews.

Hopefully, after a couple more weeks, they won’t have to slow down *as* much and I can push myself further – this would be a good time for me to work on my speed and 5K race time.

Tomorrow – morning bike ride with my love!




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