6.3.14 workout of the day


Morning: 14.35 mile bike ride
Afternoon: no evening workout

Tomorrow: all workouts canceled

In my Sunday post, I had put up my training plan for the week with the caveat that I knew it would change. So here I am, with my changes.

Tonight’s workout got canceled because we are driving to Wisconsin for my grandma’s funeral. She passed away early Sunday morning. She was a loving and kind hearted woman, who had a signature way of saying goodbye: one kiss, right on the lips, followed by a hug tighter than you thought she could muster. Us kids always joked about the lipstick stain, or try to catch it on the cheek. It was never a way our immediate family would say goodbye to each other.

But as I grew older, I realized how much love she had for us and gladly took that kiss. It meant so much to her to shower us with love.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit one last time and say good bye. While tomorrow and other tomorrow’s will be hard without her, I am forever thankful that I was able to kiss her goodbye one least time. I would do anything to know that in December, at my wedding, she could be there, or to have her meet my future children. But she is home, with the Lord, whole and healthy again.

I have another reason for future changes to this week’s training plan and future weeks, but that can be for Thursday. After writing about my grandma, I want to leave this for her. She was a beautiful woman and I miss her dearly.



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