6.1.14… “I’m training”

Training, for what, exactly?

I talk a lot in my blog posts about training – training for upcoming races, developing training plans, throwing training plans out the window…but I don’t feel disciplined about it at all.The reality is, I have a lot of races that I want to do, that are all very different, and I haven’t committed to any races for the summer. I know which races I want to do, but I have yet to put any money down. So if I haven’t locked in to any races, how do I know what I am training for, and how do I come up with a training plan?

So I took a look at my race calendar post from the beginning of the year, to evaluate what it is I had wanted to do, what I’ve done, and what the next few months could look. I’ve had it in my head that I need to be training for a 2-mile open water swim, an Olympic distance triathlon, and a 10-mile race, and that’s been pretty anxiety-producing because how do I train for three very different races? However, after looking at my race calendar, I really just need to focus on the Olympic distance triathlon at the end of the summer. Here’s my reasoning:

  • I’m still very on the fence about the 2- mile open water swim. However, I know one of my goals for training this summer is to build up my endurance in the open water – which means swimming longer distances (think – multi-mile swims in the pool, 10-15 mile straight swims in the pool, more open water swims). I feel pretty confident that if I decide to do that race, I could transition fairly easy in to it. The obstacles I foresee with that are: getting a wetsuit, getting used to swimming in a wetsuit, and dealing with my fear of the open water. NO BIG DEAL.
  • The 10-mile race is in the beginning of October. I managed to do a 9 mile race with pretty inadequate training, but mostly because I think I have a pretty good endurance base from the swimming, the biking, and the running I’ve been doing. Plus, that’s about a month and a half after the big triathlon, and I’ll need to be training for that 6-mile run after the bike. That gives me a month and a half to add on another 3-4 miles to what I will already be doing for my triathlon training.


6.1.14 Race Calendar


So while I wait for others to wake up, I’m going to turn to planning my workouts for the week. Stay tuned!


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