5.6.14 Workout of the Day

Meant to go in to the gym today. I even had written down a couple of swim workouts and a new weight training routine for this morning.

I got up, cleaned up after Miss Penny…and then we went back to bed. Slept in until 7.


So I went for a run after work and tried a new route. I’ve been working out without my inhalers for the past week, and today was the first day it sort of felt like a struggle. Not that I felt short of breath, but just that I wasn’t getting enough air in. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet in terms of what kind of doctor to go see (I don’t have any refills left on my inhaler) so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing until it seems like a real problem.

I took my phone on my run with me, so that I could use the Map My Fitness app to map my route and get my splits. So here’s the run I did, complete with splits. I don’t normally share my time or my runs, partly because they aren’t impressive by any means, but hey, if anything, it just shows that anybody can do it.




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