5.5.14: Back from my regularly scheduled hiatus!

Last week (4/28 – 5/2), we had new hires in Minneapolis all week for training. Training days/week are the worst – I’m at work by 6:30 am, I’m there until at least 4:30 pm, I barely get any work done, and I’m too exhausted to make myself go workout. The plus side to training days/week is that I eat like a king…because I’m too exhausted to cook. So if I’m not cooking, I’m definitely not blogging šŸ™‚ Granted, I’ll be gone for another week starting in two weeks (new hires, Round 2!) but the nicer weather and longer days always brings more possibilities to get outside for a quick run.

Despite the crazier than normal schedule, Dylan and I did get a couple of workouts. The weather was awful last week – cold, rainy, windy – so neither of us wanted to do anything outside. Tuesday was at the gym, on the treadmill, for four miles with intervals (the worst, if you ask me! I’m so over the treadmill). It finally cleared up and warmed up on Friday, so I went for a solid 5.5 mile run around the lake. Saturday morning, I woke up and went to Master’s practice, followed by a hard lift, followed by straining my quads. That put me out for the rest of the weekend. Good thing I already had planned on a rest day on Sunday, as I was slightly hungover from Saturday night and wouldn’t have made it to the gym anyway!

I decided last night that today/this week was going to be my kick-off week to get back in to training. Today was going to be a swim, and a bike, since I really need to start getting out on my bike and focusing on that.

Well, I skipped swimming to sleep in, and almost skipped biking to go out for drinks, but Dylan and I made ourselves go for a bike ride, and kick off the triathlon season with a good 14-mile bike ride.

Next on my training to-do list:

  • Research bike training plans
  • Research running training plans
  • Start coming up with weekly training plans!
  • Finalize race dates for the summer

This year, the goal is to be more purposeful in my triathlon training, and really make an effort in building both endurance and speed, and trying to cut down as much time as I can in both the sprint distance and Olympic distance. So far, I’ve only done one of each, so I’m excited to do at least one of each this summer, and see how I fare!



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