4.22.14 Workout of the Day

Morning workout only today – no evening bike ride because I ended up working late. So Dylan and I just made dinner and went for a short walk. But this mornings workout included a 1,900 yard swim from Speedo Pace Club and 40-ish minute lift. I modified the workout a little bit (you can find the original by clicking on the link for Speedo Pace Club above) but stuck pretty close to the original. Instead of testing how many 100s I could do and hold a pace, I planned the 10 100s holding a 1:25 pace.

Morning Swim
2 x 300 (75 free, 25 fly, 75 free, 25 back, 75 free, 25 breast)
10 x 100 free with :15 rest, holding a 1:25 pace
300 pull

My splits for my 100s were pretty consistent at:

Followed by this weight circuit (twice through each block of three exercises). Everything is with free weights unless I put machine next to it.

Bicep curls
Overhead shoulder press
Hip abductors (leg machine, pressing in)

Overhead extension (triceps)
Upright row
Hip abductors (leg machine, pressing out)

Dumbbell pullover (chest exercise, starting lying on your back, arms straight above head, then bringing your arms straight down over your head)
Back hyperextension
Leg press (machine)

Upright row (cable machine)
Lateral pull down (machine)
Squats with calf raises (machine)

That’s it for today! Masters swim tomorrow. Most likely no evening workout since we have tentative dinner plans.

Get out and enjoy the spring weather!


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