4/11/14: Workout(s) of the Day

Morning: 2,000 meter swim (2,187 yards)
Afternoon: 4.3 mile run

I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard this week – I didn’t post my workout yesterday, but I did a swim/lift combo in the morning yesterday, and all my workouts this week have been pretty. I would have blogged about it, but Dylan and I met his parents at one of the theaters downtown right after work. We didn’t get home until about 10, and I was just done. I had nodded off a few times during the play, so I definitely wasn’t staying up any later just to throw a post up. Sorry!

But not really, I enjoyed that extra bit of sleep.

Anyway. I told myself I would do two workouts today for two reasons. One, because it was Friday and that’s my “normal” schedule, and two, because it’s my birthday weekend and I planned on pigging out ALL WEEKEND LONG. Beer, cake, candy, pizza. All those calories in their glory. For example, Dylan and I decided Thursday morning that we were going to run after work on Friday, order pizza, and spend the night getting caught up on our work. We NEVER order pizza. Ever. But, it was going to be our incentive to work late on a Friday night. That way, we could take Monday (my actual birthday) off and not worry about what we might be dropping the ball on. I also want to work out on Saturday and Sunday, although I don’t know what those workouts would be.

However, my body is craving a rest day – it was clearly communicating so this morning as I dragged myself out of bed for the pool. I told myself I would go “easy” today during my swim, and during my run – keep my heart rate low. However, my swim ended up being harder than I anticipated. It’s been a long time since I’ve done long endurance sets, and that’s what I did today. After lifting pretty hard yesterday (and focusing on my arms, shoulders, back), my arms and back were begging me to stop early. But I didn’t. I pushed through the short set I told myself I would do. The set I did came from Speedo Pace Club – from their Endurance Training section. I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of the workouts, but they’re good for a quick mile or so work-out, and with some searching or fine-tuning, can be decent workouts. I did tweak this one a little bit, so that it was more like this:

200 swim
2 x 100 pull4 x 50 freestyle swim drill

Main Set #1
10:00 swim – count laps (I got in a total of 650 yards, which I was impressed by, considering how awful I was feeling)

Main Set #2
2 x 200 pull

Cool Down
2 x 200 swim (I did 100 back/100 breast, then alternated 25 breast/25 free)

I was so uncomfortable by the time I was “cooling down,” thus, the odd swim/strokes I did.

Then I went in to work. I really was only stopping in at one of the sites to stock up on supplies, check materials, take care of some things I’ve been avoiding. I ended up being there about 3 hours longer than I had originally intended. It also involved a lot more walking (in slightly uncomfortable shoes) and a lot more lifting than I had planned.

Then Dylan and I went for a run after work. We were going to do a short 2.5 mile run together, at a faster pace, then I was going to run home while he ran errands and picked up our pizza. What ended up happening is that we went out at a full sprint, and I never had a chance to catch my breath. I clearly have a method to running, and regardless of the distance, it does not involve a “all hell breaks loose” start. So after 2.5 miles, after Dylan stopped, I desperately wanted to stop. My lungs burned, my throat burned, my legs hurt, my arms hurt, my back hurt. I couldn’t get enough air in, and I was so mad and cranky at Dylan for pushing our start that way. I didn’t take it out on him, but my irritation and pain was being projected on him. If I didn’t have such asthma issues, it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal at all. But I stood for about 30 seconds, calmed down, and made my way home, and was able to add on that extra 1.5-2 miles to my run. It definitely was not as fast as the 2.5 mile Dylan and I did together, but I did it.

So the dilemma is- when do I take the rest day I need? I don’t normally think about taking a rest day – it usually happens every 7-8 days either way. But for some reason, this weekend, this weekend, I need to plan it. Maybe it’s because of the gluttony I’m planning on. In all honesty, I desperately want it to be Sunday: Saturday night birthday outing, Sunday morning sleep-in, and afternoon Twins baseball game (with helmet nachos galore). However, considering what our current plans are for Saturday, I might just be getting two rest days. Because I definitely am not working out hungover on Sunday – whether it’s a beer hangover or a nacho hangover, it’s just not happening.

Freakin’ helmet nachos.


3 thoughts on “4/11/14: Workout(s) of the Day

  1. Great job on your swim AND run!! That’s great!! Pull is so fun, too!! Nice 10 minute swim: I love pushing to see how many laps I can get in! Have an awesome birthday weekend!

  2. Thanks Kristin! I’ve been working to transition over from sprinting for Master’s meets to endurance for triathlons this summer – I never was a long distance swimmer, so it’s always a struggle for me! I’m a sprinter, through and through.

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