4.8.14 Workout of the Day

Morning workout: NONE!
Evening workout: 4-mile run around Lake Calhoun

I’ve only slept through my alarm a handful of days my entire life, and today was one of those days. I woke up at 6:00 – and decided to not even bother. By the time I would have gotten to the gym, I would have had to choose either swimming or lifting, and since I didn’t want to half-ass my morning workout, I decided to sleep in a little bit more, give my body a little bit more rest (still a little sore from Sunday’s run!) and enjoy snuggling with my two loves.

Work has been pretty rough lately, so I’ve been trying to get to the gym as soon as I can and get my workout done so I can still get to work by 8:30.That way, I can at least try to get out of work at a normal time so I can get my evening workouts in and still spend time with my loves before I repeat the next day. It’s exhausting and stressful to try to fit it all in, and even more stressful when I end up

Dylan and I did our evening run together – I’m glad we stuck to it, even though both of us ended up getting home later than we planned. Even though it was “warm” today – 50 some degrees – it wasn’t as warm as we thought it would be when we headed out. Neither of us wore hats or gloves. We thought we would be okay, but it ended up being much colder around the lake than it was when we headed out from our place. When we got back home, we both put our hats on to try to warm our ears back up and get rid of the headache we both were rockin’ from running around the lake.

I’m sure we both would have rather sat on the couch, and watched our shows, but we cranked out our run, whipped up our dinner (veggies, meat, rice), and now I’m wrapping up my WOD post, with Penny by my lap, and Dylan is catching up on Parks and Rec.

My life is good.



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