4.7.14 Workout of the Day

Masters swim this morning – no afternoon/evening workout. I had evening plans with a friend around 6:30, and had decided last night as I was packing that I wasn’t going to workout in the evening because of that; no point in trying to squeeze it all in when I don’t have plans tomorrow and can double up tomorrow. However, I ended up working at home, so I figured I could squeeze a quick run in around 5:00 before heading out to my friend’s. What ended up happening, was that I worked until about 5:30, wrote down swim workouts for Tuesday and Thursday, and developed a new weight training routine to follow the Tuesday/Thursday workouts.

So tomorrow will be a morning swim/lift and an afternoon/evening run with my love. We both signed up for a 5-mile race at the end of April (the weekend after my 15K/9-mile race), so it’s time for him to start hitting the pavement and building up his mileage!

Today’s swim workout: 3,300 yards

500 swim (75 free, 25 non-free)
200 I.M. drill
100 kick

Main Set #1
500 swim, descend each 100
4 x 250 (125 free – :10 rest – 75 I.M. without free – :10 rest – 50 kick, I.M. order)

Main Set #2
400 swim, descend each 100
300 swim, descend each 100
200 swim, descend each 100

Cool Down
100 easy


3 thoughts on “4.7.14 Workout of the Day

  1. I really like what you’re doing here. there seems to be a positive vibe! what to do as you do and show others how. Good luck! 🙂

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