4.2.13: Workout of the Day

Yesterday, I was going to go to the gym in the morning and swim a mile and do a quick lift before work.

Today, I planned to do Masters in the morning and run in the afternoon after work.

Yesterday, I skipped the gym to spend an extra hour in bed, snuggling with Dylan. We decided that Tuesday could be my “rest day” since I did two workouts on Monday.

Today, I made it to Masters (3200 yards!) and headed in to work. At about lunch, I decided that I would head home around 3, work until about 6, go for an hour long run, and then work until Dylan got home from his men’s bible study. I really just needed some quiet time to plug away at my work, and just organize myself a little bit. Make sure I’m not dropping the ball on something – it’s gotten super busy lately.

Well, I did head home at 3, and I did work until 6. That’s when Dylan emailed me, said he would be heading home at 7, and wanted to go to the gym. Being the loving girlfriend that I am, and knowing how hard his work has been late, I told him I’d go to the gym with him and run on the treadmill.

As soon as he walked in the door at 8….he wants to stay home.

Of course. I should have known. I should have gone for a run regardless.

Especially because Minneapolis apparently has a massive snow storm heading our way tonight/tomorrow (6-10 inches, anyone?).

That Hot Cocoa 15K….prooobably not happening. Any suggestions for a replacement race for May??

Oh well. It just means a few more days dedicated to swimming, or a few more days on the dreadmill.

Also, Dylan and I really need to go grocery shopping. I’m PRETTY sure we have eaten spaghetti or some form of pasta for dinner for the past two weeks. BECAUSE IT’S ALL WE HAVE.


Anyway….here’s today’s Master’s workout. I think I’m actually missing something somewhere, but I know we did a full 3200!

150 SKIPS (150 each of: Swim, Kick, IM, Pull, Swim)

Main Set #1
8 x 50 free with :15 rest (25 no breath, 25 easy)
8 x 100 free (odds kick, evens pull

Main Set #2
15 x 75 free with descending intervals
–5 x 75 on 1:120
–4 x 75 on 1:15–3 x 75 on 1:10
–2 x 75 on 1:00
–1 x 75 sprint

25 easy

Cool Down


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