3.31.14…and I’m back!

Last week was ridiculous – training five days in a row, sick for four days in a row – sick enough to miss work on Thursday! It started out as a head cold, and just never got better – achiness, fever, but never got to a full-blown flu. We still looked at houses on Wednesday and Thursday, made an offer on Friday, negotiated, and had it accepted on Saturday! So needless to say – no…I did not work out last week. Busy being sick and buying a house!

Friday after work, we headed to Wisconsin to visit my family and have engagement pictures taken by my sister (Sara Huggard Photography). I decided to try go for a run on Saturday with Dylan. It was almost 40 degrees, I was feeling pretty good – and it went okay. I’m sure if I had felt better I could have kept pace with Dylan, but had to fall back just so I keep running and not have to walk and wheeze. After our run, we cleaned up and headed out in the woods to take engagement pictures; good thing it was warm out, since we were out there for an hour and a half! And good thing I was actually better; even though I wasn’t feeling 100%, I definitely had passed the hump of being sick, because being outside for these pictures would have put me under again!

Here’s a preview of one of our engagement pictures from my sister’s Facebook photography page:

engagement pic 1

Today, I was back in the pool (Master’s), followed by an evening run (5.3 miles in 48:33 (9:10 min/mile pace). It was SO beautiful out today – 55 degrees! – so I rushed home after working late to try to get my run in before sunset at 7:40pm. One thing I did try during my run was monitoring my heart rate instead of just pushing through the pain – trying to keep it between 140-160 bpm – to see if that would help my endurance a bit. I think it did make a difference – about 4 miles into the run, my heart rate was down to 120, and I was able to push it back up again for the last mile or so – without feeling like I was going to die at the end. It’s not fun to keep looking at my watch, but it’s easier for me to monitor my heart rate than to try to guess at what my pace is. Because trying to pace myself out on the road truly is a s*** show.

I still have not registered for the 15K race that’s happening on April 19th – I’m a little on the fence because I haven’t been out running the way I wanted to for that race. I might just put off doing that run, and possibly find some other races (or possibly a half marathon??) to make up for it. It also could be that I’m just scared I won’t actually be able to do, even though I’m sure I can if I just go for it. However, I think if I approach just as another training run, and keep working on my heart rate run training method, it might actually be doable!


Here’s today’s swim workout (3,150 yards):

300 swim
200 I.M.
100 kick

Main Set #1
6 x 250 (100 fast, 100 easy, 50 stroke – I did all breaststroke)50 easy

Main Set #2
8 x 100 (50 kick, 50 swim – I.M. order)
8 x 25 sprint with :20 rest (I did I.M. order)


2 thoughts on “3.31.14…and I’m back!

  1. Oh, great swim!! I love reading swim workouts!! I guess it’s the swim coach in me!! Hehe!! Nice work and nice runs, too!! You’re so awesome!! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, too!!! XOXO!!!

  2. Thanks! The Monday and Wednesday morning coaches are really great – thus why I go to their workouts! They set up the workouts really well.

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