3.23.14 Workout of the Day

This upcoming week is a long one at work – trainings all five days of the work week. I won’t be able to get to the pool in the mornings, so I’m planning on running and lifting after work. No real plan, except trying to get to the gym every day after work.

Since I won’t be swimming all week, I did an extra long workout today: 4,400 yards (2.5 miles). I pulled it from Kiefer (the Ladder Challenge Swim Workout), and made some slight modifications. I’ve been trying to focus my workouts more on freestyle and endurance, in preparation for triathlon and open swim season! Sometime last week, I read an article about marathon swimmers (people who swim extra far distances – more than 5 miles) and the commitment to the pool workouts that have to be made. You’re talking about thousands of yards swam in the pool, consecutive sets, over and over. Laps swam alone for hours at a time. This is something I struggle with, and why I’ve always leaned towards shorter sets – something that can keep my focus, and doesn’t require long endurance swims. The workout I did below was actually a good introduction to those long workouts – 2+ miles – and those extra long consecutive sets. Eventually I’m sure I’ll simplify it – X number of 100s or 200s for hours at a time – but today, used an already written workout.

600 free
100 kick
200 IM drill
100 swim

Main Set #1
Ladder – 1 minute rest between each set (this ended up being :30 – :45 rest between sets)
8 x 25 – 200 IM order (:10 rest interval)
3 x 150 free (:15 rest interval)
6 x 50 – 200 IM order, drop free (:10 rest interval)
2 x 150 free (:15 rest interval)
4 x 50 – 2 butterfly, 2 breaststroke (:10 rest interval)
1 x 150 free (:15 rest interval)
2 x 50 – 2 breaststroke

100 kick

Main Set #2
8 x 75 pull (:10 rest interval)6 x 100 free on 1:40

Main Set #3100 kick
300 pull
100 kick

Cool Down
200 swim


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