3.18.14 Workout of the Day

Morning swim, followed by a lift!

I did end up doing the workout that I posted a pic of this morning – a total of 1,950 yards. I used my fancy-dancy heart monitor watch (without the heart monitor, obviously) and kept track at the pace I was doing my 300 yards at.

This workout came from Speedo Pace Club – like I said this morning, not my absolute favorite place to get workouts, but a good place to get a 2,000 yard workout. I typically have to search and filter through workouts to get something that I like, but this one worked pretty well.

150 free
100 back kick
150 free

Main Set
4 x 300 swim with :30 rest in between each 300
(the original set called for pulling, but I forgot my pull buoy, and I’m glad I didn’t pull it)

Pace for each of the 300’s:
1. 4:17
2. 4:18
3. 4:17
4: 4:18

Cool-down200 swim
100 back
100 kick

I jumped out of the pool, and changed quickly to do some weight lifting. On days like this, I usually only do two circuits (partly for time sake, partly to not over exert myself). Today, I focused a little more on legs, but also used the machines and cables more instead of free weights. I think it provided more control, and the impact didn’t seem as hard. I guess we’ll find out how hard it was tomorrow when I swim! Here are the exercises that I did today:

Round 1:

  • Bicep Curls (free weights)
  • Skull Crushers (free weights)
  • Seated Leg Lift (machine)

Round 2:

  • Bench Press (free weights)
  • Overhead Shoulder Press (free weights)
  • Back extension (machine)

Round 3:

  • Lateral Pull Down (machine)
  • Hip Flexors (machine, I don’t even know what to call it, but it wasn’t attractive. You sat at the machine, pressed your knees against the pads, and opened your legs. So, so, unattractive. No wonder no woman uses it.)
  • Squats with calf raises (assisted with a pulley system, not free weights)

Then some abs. I usually just wing that. I figure I get enough ab work with the swimming as it is.

Swimming in the morning tomorrow, and *fingers crossed* followed by a run after work. Hopefully I can get all my work done so I don’t have to cancel the run OR cancel plans with a girlfriend!



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