2.28.14 WOD – Swimming

Woke up and swam this morning, separate from Master’s swimming. Went to the downtown location to swim in the meter pool – same thing I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. I was definitely sore this morning from yesterday’s lift, but I was still able to get through most of my swim workout.

I had wanted to do something longer this morning, since I was working from home today and didn’t need to get ready to go in to the office – thinking along the lines of 4,000 yards. I also really wanted something IM focused, so that I could work on my non-free strokes. I always struggle between focusing on IM or focusing on breaststroke.

Either way, today I wanted to do more IM (I figure the best of both worlds), so I looked at a lot of Kiefer workouts, but couldn’t find any that really were speaking to me. I ended up using this workout from Kiefer and pulled pieces from both the short and long workout, and modified some of the sets. Here’s the workout as I wrote it last night:


For the most part, stuck to the workout as planned, but made a few changes along the way that made it a “shorter” workout. Here’s a side by side comparison between what I planned to do, and what I actually did. So the total distance swam overall was lower, but since it was a meter pool, I did end up going 3600 yards – so 2 miles – which is closer to what I had in mind anyway.

22814 workout

Dylan and I are finally around this weekend, so it’s kind of up the air what the plan is. I know we have a going away/send off party tonight, and a birthday party Saturday night. I’m still on the fence as to whether I’ll workout tomorrow or Sunday, or really, which day will be a rest day. I need one. Probably Sunday though, as I have brunch plans and those brunch plans currently include a bloody mary. So the real question is – when will Dylan and I work out tomorrow?

Will we actually get up?

Will I actually go in to practice?

Will we go in the afternoon if we go in the morning?

Would I rather clean the house or go spend the afternoon at the gym?

So many important questions.


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