2.25.14 Workout of the Day (WOD)

Used this morning to do a run through of the indoor triathlon distances Dylan and I are going to do in a month or so (once we sign up) and to do a quick lift circuit (since it’s been awhile). The indoor triathlon has three distances, and Dylan and I are going to do the shortest distance since it’ll be his first time doing it and we want to race. I have an advantage in the swim while he has an advantage in the run. The distances we are doing are: 400 yard swim, 8 mile bike, 1 mile run. Seriously, a super sprint. I’m excited.

8 mile bike (27:20)
1 mile run (7:45)

Then 2 rounds (10-12 reps) of the following lift circuit:
-Bicep curls
-Skull crushers
-Bench press
-Overhead shoulder press (cables)
-Lateral pull downs (cables)
-Seated row
-Squats with calf raises

No double workout today; Dylan and I both had to leave work early to babysit his nephews and niece tonight.

Swimming tomorrow! Will have to see how I feel in the pool since I lifted today. It would be nice to lift on Tuesday and Thursday mornings moving forward, especially with summer coming and wanting to workout outside. The shorter circuit and not focusing on any one muscle group too much might be the trick! Then saving a longer, heavier lift for the weekends.


5 thoughts on “2.25.14 Workout of the Day (WOD)

  1. Great work! I definitely understand about lifting and then swimming! it can definitely be a killer! I struggle with that a lot because I lift a lot but I also swim a lot…my poor arms are always sore!

    • Definitely! But there is such a benefit to it. I notice it in my butterfly. So it’s trying to find that sweet spot where I can still lift but not be dragging in the pool the next day!

      • Yes, that’s so true! My stroke is fly so I train a lot of it and often times get frustrated from being too sore from working out but I’ve gotten better with finding the “sweet spot” like you said so I’m not overly sore!

      • Hey! I’ve been working my core really, really hard the past year or so and have seen an easier flow with fly! Also, power yoga has really helped to strengthen my core and to lengthen me out! My philosophy (via Bryan Kest- power yoga instructor) is a strong core equals a strong back (which is another crucial element in fly). There are a lot of good drills I do to help the flow- one I really concentrate on is 25 right arm/25 left arm and I usually try to do a couple 100’s of that. During the drill, I concentrate on head down/bottom up during the strokes I don’t breathe. Also, getting into a comfortable breathing pattern is a great tool and making sure you stick to it no matter how many lengths of fly you swim is always a good thing. Also practicing 25’s with no breathing is a great way to get into the flow and to strengthen your lungs. 25’s of fly kick no breath with fins is another great drill!!! I’m always here for suggestions!! 🙂 🙂

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