2.24.14 WOD, and Winter Parking Restrictions

Yesterday, I spent about a half hour planning out my workouts for the week. There were a lot of days with double workouts. I’m not sure if I’m compensating for how much I’ve been slacking, how much I’ve been eating, or how busy our life has gotten, but I figured I would at least get two days of double workouts.

Today was also the start of restricted parking in Minneapolis, in place until April 1. Possibly sooner if it ever warms up and the 50+ inches of snow ever melt. Only parking on the odd side of the streets is allowed, which significantly cuts down the limited amount of parking there was.

So I had to sadly say good-bye to the days of warming up my car before driving the mile to the gym. Now I just suffer in silence, praying a good song comes on to help me forget the fact that I’m losing feeling in my toes.

Today was supposed to be a double day. Didn’t happen. Left work late (as per usual), was waiting to find out if I’d be meeting up with my sister (which I didn’t). Took the opportunity to take care of some things on my to-do list at home, including completing a survey for our first home buying meeting on Wednesday.

So today was a master’s swim practice day…2900 yards. Focused a lot more on drill work than other practices but it was good.

200 SKIP (200 each of swim, kick, IM, pull)

Main Set
4 x 200 (125 free drill, :15 rest, 75 IM no free, :15 rest)
1. Finger tip drag
2. Catchup
3. Full extension arms
4. Restricted breathing, 3 breath/5 breath by 25

50 easy

8 x 100 free drill (same 4 drills as above, in sets of 2)

8 x 50 on :55 interval, IM order

50 easy


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