2.21.14 Skipped today…on accident

Here are a couple of facts from my and Dylan’s life right now.

1. Dylan always sets the alarm in the morning for us to go to the gym.

2. Dylan always has to work super late on Thursday nights. He usually comes home around 6 and hops back online around 11pm to do late night projects.

Minneapolis got hit last night with a brutal storm. We didn’t get to the gym yesterday morning because we had to go meet with the pastor of our church about our wedding. We didn’t go in the evening because we lost all ambition. So we were going to go this morning.

Fast forward to this morning. I wake up and I feel like I’ve been sleeping too long. It’s this gut feeling, almost a sinking feeling, intuitively knowing I’ve missed my morning workout. I checked my phone: 6:15. Yup we missed it.

I shake Dylan awake, asking him if he had set the alarm. No. He thought I had because I went to bed when he had to start his work again at 11pm.

So there you have it. Miscommunication and assumptions strike again. Now we are sitting in a car driving down to Chicago with some friends. I didn’t even bother to pack workout clothes. It’s too cold, I don’t know the neighborhood, and I foresee a lot of booze and a lot of food in our future.

Dylan and I have both been struggling with our workouts. It’s been a long hard winter, and it’s been slowing us down, keeping us in bed in the morning because we lack the energy and ambition to face the cold anymore. It keeps us from the gym at night, because we just want to be home and are sick of the treadmill and the stationary bike. Also working against us is wedding planning, car buying, and the potential of home buying. Lately, it seems like the only quiet moments we have together are early in the morning or late at night.

Next week, we say. Next week we will get back on it.

And then we check the weather, and the next week is predicted to have highs in the single digits. Sigh. So looking forward to March and the potential of spring actually coming.


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