2.19.14 Workout of the Day

Again – one day late – but here’s yesterday’s workout! Masters swim workout in the morning, work during the day, over to a friend’s house in the evening. No two-a-day for this Wednesday – opted out of working out to enjoy dinner, venting, and wedding planning with a friend. No workout on Tuesday – Dylan and I had a late night on Monday and we opted to sleep in. Plus Minneapolis was in the middle of a snow emergency, so my car was parked super far away to stay off the roads that needed to be plowed (so I wouldn’t get a ticket).

Total yards: 3,000

300 swim
2 x 150 (50 free, 50 non-free, 50 free)3 x 100 choice (3 x 100 I.M.)

Main Set
20 x 100, broken into 4 sets of 5 100’s1. 5 x 100 pull with :10 rest (1:30’ish interval)
2. 5 x 100 pace swim on 1:25
3. 5 x 100 I.M. on 1:50
4. 5 x 100 (50 non-free, 50-free)

Cool Down
100 easy


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