2.17.14 Workout of the Day

Monday’s workout: morning swim at Masters! No two-a-day on Monday; after work, Dylan and I joined some friends for Part II of a pizza challenge – visiting various pizza joints across the city to decide which place has the best pizza. The place we visited last night – Pizzeria Lola – has a photo booth, and I love a good photo booth, so you really can’t go wrong with good pizza and a good photo booth!

This whole week will be morning workouts only, since we have our evenings jam packed until the weekend.

Monday Masters Swim Workout (Total Yards: 2800)

300 swim
200 IM (I skipped this – I jumped in the pool late, so did the 300 swim and 100 kick)
100 kick
6×50 (odds non-free, evens free)

6×250 – 4:00 intervals
–odds: pace 200, non-free 50
–evens: fast 200, non-free 50 (shooting to swim :10 seconds faster than the previous 250

100 easy

3 x 150
–Each 150, swam in this order: 50 kick, 25 swim (:20 rest), 25 swim, 50 kick–#1: fly
–#2: back
–#3: breast

50 easy



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