2.13.14 Workout of the Day

Slept in this morning, and met Dylan at the gym after work. Today was a bike day, and I followed it up with lifting.

30 minutes = 8.7 mile bike

Lift: 3 sets each of the following.Set 1.
Bicep Curls (10-12)
Tricep Press (10-12)
Lateral Raises (6-8)

Set 2.
Bench Press (10-12)
Cable Lateral Pull (10-12)
Cable Overhead Shoulder Press (10-12)
Skull Crushers (Triceps; 10-12)
Back hyperextension with extra weight (10-12)

Originally, Set 2 was split up into two separate sets, but I kind of got on a roll today and just kept going with it. Everything was done with 10-20 pounds of weight, with the exception of the Lateral Raises, which I did with 5 pound weights.

Tomorrow? Swim in the morning, run in the evening. No Masters tomorrow – going solo at the Downtown Y in the morning. Meter pool, here I come!


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