Weekly Update: 1/12/14 – 1/18/14

Total yards swam for this week: 10,430 yards. Odd numbers happen when you swim in a meter pool. Oh well!

I’ve mentioned a couple times on my blog that I struggle with Friday morning Masters practices; I’m not a big fan of how the practices are structured. It’s nothing against the coach, but I enjoy the practices other coaches set up more. So I have little motivation to get up and go in the morning.

So I didn’t go last Friday morning. Got in to work early, and met Dylan at the downtown location for an early evening workout. I got in the pool at about 6:00, workout in hand.

There was no one else in the pool when I got in. There’s no lifeguard on duty at the downtown YWCA, and there was no one else swimming laps. I was alone in the pool for almost 20 minutes. It was absolutely surreal, and beautiful – as “beautiful” as an indoor pool at a slightly outdated facility could be.

It was like…an early morning run out in the country. Canoeing at sunrise or sunset. An early morning bike ride around the lakes.

Just silence with a little white noise. If that’s what I can have every Friday night, after a long week at work, then I have even less motivation to go on Friday mornings. Dylan came and joined me after his run and he was able to get a few laps in. If we can time it right, it would be an opportune time for us to spend time working on his strokes and endurance. We both are committed to doing an indoor triathlon in March, and he has a long way to go before he is able to do the swim!

I also swam my first swim meet on Sunday – the Masters Icebreaker meet at the University of Minnesota. My times weren’t anything amazing; they were the same as last year, so while I didn’t improve, and I didn’t get worse, either. My final times were:

100 IM – 1:10.0750 back – 34.72
50 breast – 35.42
50 free – 28.01

I had a really crappy turn in the 50 free; I turned too soon, so wasn’t close enough to the wall to get a good push-off, and struggled to keep my momentum off the turn. Otherwise, I’m SURE I could have broken 28 seconds in the 50 free. In terms of where I stand nationally in those events, I’ll wait until next week’s update and take a look. It doesn’t look like the results from the meet are in the US Masters Swimming database yet, so no point in checking at this time. It’s not where I want to be.

But that’s how I felt getting out of the meet. I keep saying I want to improve on my times, but then I’m not making an effort to work on my strokes, or commit to swimming non-free in practice. It’s tiring, it’s exhausting, and it’s just plain hard. After swimming those events, and seeing my times, I was disappointed, but only because I failed myself. But it reiterated what I’ve known and have been saying all along – I need to commit to improving on my non-free strokes, and on my sprinting.

So this week, my goal is to break 11,000 yards for the week, and work on non-free strokes.


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