2014 Race Calendar

While not set in stone, this is what I’m shooting for this year. Having this written down will put me more into a “training” mindset and less of an “exercise because I have to” mindset!

Other thing I’ve learned: I need to get a new bike, ASAP!

DONE: 1/19/14 Sunday: UM Icebreaker Swim Meet

1/26/14 Saturday: 5K Snowshoe Race (not really racing, but still putting it in here!)

3/16/14 Sunday: YWCA Indoor Triathlon

3/22/14 Saturday: Hopkins Swim Meet

4/12/14 – 4/13/14 Saturday – Sunday: State Swim Meet

4/19/14 Saturday: Minneapolis Hot Chocolate 15k Road Race

4/26/14 Saturday: Madison Crazy Legs 8K Road Race

7/12/14 Saturday: Lifetime Tri – Lake Nokomis (sprint distance)

8/2/14 Saturday: Point to La Pointe Open Water Swim (2 miles, open water, vomit)

8/17/14 Sunday: YWCA Women’s Sprint Triathlon  (sprint distance)

8/23/14 Saturday: Maple Grove Lifetime Tri (Olympic distance, even after I swore NEVER again!)

September 2014: Athleta Iron Girl Duathlon (TBD)


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