1.17.14 Workout of the Day

Friday morning, Dylan and I skipped a morning workout for an afternoon workout. I haven’t been a huge fan of Friday morning Masters workouts when I’ve been going and haven’t decided if I’ll keep going or not. I could go to a different pill and swim my own workout on Fridays but we all know I never I get in the pool on time when I want to do that.

The gym we go to has three locations, and last night we went you the downtown location. The pool is a 25 meter pool. Since I was on my own, I did another recycled Masters workout and focused on the non-free set first before I did the freestyle set.

I cut this workout short for a number of reasons:
1. My legs get really crampy during afternoon swims. I think is because of wearing heels all day at work and how you hold your feet while you’re swimming. It’s different than biking and running and just puts more stress there.

2. My shoulder started bugging me during the freestyle set. Stopped immediately so I didn’t do damage. But only really stopped because Dylan was sort of yelling at me not to hurt myself.

3. Had to go shower and get ready to pick my little sister up who is visiting for the weekend!

Here’s the workout I ended up doing. Modifications weremade tothe original; I don’t know that I loved this set as much as the one I did on Thursday but it’s a good set to use to improve my non-free strokes. Total meters: 2450 = 2680 yards. The whole workout comes out 3,250; in a meter pool obviously you get more yardage out if that.

200 SKIPS (200 each of swim, kick, IM, pull, swim) = 1000

Main set #1
3 x (100 swim easy/moderate, 2×50 swim 75%, 4×25 sprint).
1. Butterfly. I took more rest in between sets during this one than I did for the others so I could hold good form throughout the whole thing).
2. Backstroke
3. Breaststroke

Main set #2 (all free, pull on the odds, :10 rest throughout)
4×75 (I stopped after #2 on this set because of cramping)

Cool down.


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