1.16.14 Workout of the Day

One of the things I had told myself is that I would work on my non free strokes when I wasn’t swimming Masters practices. Even though we do non free during practice, I’ll usually avoid it during “choice” sets just so I can keep up with my lane.

Plus, in most cases, the non free sets happen at the end of the week, after I have been lifting and running all week, and after a couple thousand yards. I usually just don’t have it in me to swim butterfly and default to breaststroke and backstroke… in that order. But I need to work on my butterfly, as well as backstroke and breaststroke and thus…non free days.

Sometimes when I’m not at practice and a friend of mine goes, I make him tell me what the workout is and I save it for later (if I actually like it). I used one of those on Thursday. Because I got in late, as per usual, I only swam 2000 yards but did the non free set and cut out the freestyle set (the original workout was warm-up, freestyle main set#1, IM set #2, cool down). Here’s the final Thursday workout:

400 swim
300 pull
200 kick

Main set
400 (200 IM, 200 free easy) :30 rest
300 (200 IM, 100 free easy) :30 rest
200 (100 IM, 100 free easy) :30 rest
100 IM

Cool down
100 easy

I wasn’t looking forward to this IM set but I really wanted to try it. The original called for the 200 to be a 200 IM but I changed that to a 100 IM since that’s what I’m trying to get faster in and I’m swimming this weekend.

I loved this set and am going to start making it a regular. I can’t wait to get to a point where I can build on it and make it more challenging!


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