1.15.14 Workout of the Day

Masters workout from this morning. Missed a little bit of warm up but still hit 2750.

Warm up:
100 swim
300 (repeat: 50 free, 25 non free)
300 (repeat: 25 free, 50 non free)

Main set:
4 x 200 free with floating 50 sprint on 2:55
1: 50 sprint, 150 moderate
2: 50 moderate, 50 sprint, 100 moderate
3: 100 moderate, 50 sprint, 50 moderate
4: 150 moderate, 50 sprint

20 x 50 split into 4 sets of 5x50s (IM order)
For each set of 5x50s
1: drill free
2: sprint free
3: easy
4: drill non free
5: drill swim

Cool down
200 swim

No evening workouts, no running, no biking, no lifting this week, just swimming. Taking it easy because my shoulder is still bugging me, but I also signed up for a swim meet at the University of Minnesota this week. Signed up to swim:

100 IM
50 back
50 breast
50 free

So we will see where I stand in comparison to Master Top 10 times after this Sunday!


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